Friday, January 7, 2011



yes. that's right. i'm doing the unthinkable. i'm updating mah blog! after like what? a year? O.o
2010 passed by like what? a split second? okay no now im hiperbola-ing HAHA well it wasn't a bad year but wasn't mah best year so hopefully..

okay i got that from a song :) but yeah spm beeeeetches 8D
BRING IT! (okay no im kidding don't bring it just yet hehe)

spm scares the living daylight out of me though :/

fight it? neeeehhhh.

well 2010 is the year where i fell in love with korean dramas thanks to this particular drama :)

thank you mr.chai yee vonne for forcing me to watch this drama! Boys Over Flowers

people if you haven't watched it yet..GO WATCH! OR ELSE GRRR >:D
i used to think pfft korean drama...boring -__- but after i watched this..ahhh <3>

okay stop it tanu. HAHA.

and i went for ekspedisi and no. it wasn't 40km. 57km! dig that shizz! haha it was..lets just say everything around you was...kelapa sawit -__-


overall it was fun and all! made new friends and we went to see fireflies! you would not believe your eyes, if 10 million fireflies, lit up the world as i fell asleep.

but of course can't forget my old buddies! yes we're old now face it. HAHA

yes you guys are awesome and we are old. :)
mah sisters (you guys can be half indian i can be half chinese kapish HAHA)

oh yes. meet my roommate from india. she takes care of cows. people. Kimberly Tan.

yes this kid over here. is reading. Cristiano Ronaldo Fanfiction! YEAH TAKE THAT! HAHA sorry kim but it's something to be proud of :) don't stop being a retard ah. and don't stop reading cr fanfic HAHA (pssst she's indian too :) )

don't do drugs. it ain't cool.



Saturday, July 10, 2010


OH YEAH I FORGOT! haha this is lagi cool. i'm updating TWICE in one NIGHT!
haha have you guys listened to katethegreat19 on youtube? she is freaking awesome man. she produces her own songs and writes her own lyrics and compiles them all by herself. she turned her closet into her own studio man. *salutes* she plays the harp guitar violin some drum thingy dammit you name it she can do it. she sings mostly final fantasy songs though..writes lyrics for their melodies.

and damn i love her song rose of may. (thank you justin ong for introducing that song to me :D)

here it is. enjoy :) yeah i like these kinda songs xD

waka waka

Well people..the world coming to an end :( and please la i support you holland! yeah you hear that? i go with the psychic SINGAPOREAN bird ;) paul can go get himself cut and cooked into a wonderful sotong curry dish xP

one thing i love about the world cup is the songs! yeah every world cup there's sure to be new football songs and yeah damn i love those kinda happy jolly we're one world songs :D waving flag baybeh <3>

whoaaa i updated twice in the same week! haha yay i'm proud :D although i think no one is reading my blog haha xD hey i'm used to talking to myself k.

oh yeah happy birthday najla! hoped you liked the gift :D i hope it's cute enough haha.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

impossible? not really.

HAHAHA hello! im updating my blog after ages :D it's a pms-ing blog like yee vonne said :P or more like the owner is pmsing..KIDDING!

wanna hear something shocking?

this man here.

yes this man.


a freaking dad. No that isn't his son. That's just his nephew.

and he named his son cristiano sharma. KIDDING. haha he named him cristiano ronaldo. after himself. oh well. hey i got photoshop cs5! yes it's the pirated one HEHE.

still a noob at it though. i won't know how the hack to photoshop pics without youtube. ahh the power of the internet HEHE

okay from this

tooo the vampire version of alyson michalka! hey don't laugh im still a noob kay xD

boom baybeh hehe.

tomorrow is open day. hooray. mommy i love you don't scold me please TEEHEE.



Saturday, June 26, 2010


i love cr.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010


HAHAHAHA im updating after years..haha my blog so pms...coming to think of "aquaria post" damn freaking lame..haha pretty fishes..wth..oh gonna try to update my blog least..TRY..HEHE =D



Monday, November 2, 2009

Boom! =D

Haha yes yes im updating my blog after 123456789 years xD haha as u can see i changed my blog template..the old one was too dark..and pinky O.o so yeap decided to change it..haha thx soon for helping me! =D

heey! do u like fishes? I like fishes! I wanna go to aquaria klcc man again :P

it's freaking pretty inside...haha okaay wrong's freaking blue inside! :D
and bluee is pretty? lol okaay i sound drunk xD i think the entrance fee is like 28 bucks for adult with's not THAAAAAAT expensive..its okaay la :D plus u get to see sharks :D and stingrays :D and other fishies :D haha okaay im soundin bimbo now xD

hahahahah cute xD

whoaaa....cute? xP

haha i wonder if we're allowed to feed the sharks u scuba dive like this dude :P

until next time...